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Actor Sei Hiraizumi release Date 2019 Directed by Makoto Shinkai A high-school boy who has run away to Tokyo befriends a girl who appears to be able to manipulate the weather user ratings 8,5 / 10 Stars runtime 112Minute. Hearing the background musics makes my heart sad with a hint of nostalgia. (If watching this movie to enjoy it try not to compare it to Your Name ( Kimi no na wa) wont enjoy as much.)
When watching Weather with you from start to finish, watching as I sat alone in the cinema wondering why it wasn't filled to the brim with people. The animation far surpasses Your Name, the voice acting brought out all the emotions the characters were meant to fell during the movie, the ending satisfied every desire I wished for.
Hodaka Morishima voiced by Kotaro Daigo is one of the two main characters he was a perfect representation of the voice acting shown in the movie, proving that an animated film can bring all emotions to life. Hina Amano voiced by Nana Mori was the other main character, I couldn't ask for a better lead girl, every scene she was in never felt repetitive always felt like a new emotion was being used.
The anime's animation was perfect every anime I have watched until now doesn't come close (except for Your Name) to the level of animation in the movie. With the main animation being rain they made it look so good. Another stunning part of the animation was the environment the movie took place in (the city.) The buildings all looked like what you would see if you went to Tokyo yourself.
Shinkai wanted to make a masterpiece. Well, he finally made one.

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なんかすごく胸が苦しくなる でも決して嫌な感じではない.
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Facts : ● music is a universal language. ● music saves us from sadness. ● music helps us to understand things that we are not paying attention before. ● music taught us that everything you think, you become, just be creative.

Tenki no ko review. Tenki no ko eng sub. 2:05 Se-no renai circulation vibes Ah shit here we go again. Musim panas tahun pertama di sekolah menengahnya, Hodaka melarikan diri dari pulau terpencilnya ke Tokyo, dan dengan cepat mendapati dirinya didorong ke batas keuangan dan pribadinya. Cuaca luar biasa suram dan hujan setiap hari, seolah-olah menyarankan masa depannya. Dia menjalani hari-harinya dalam isolasi, tetapi akhirnya menemukan pekerjaan sebagai penulis untuk majalah okultisme yang misterius. Lalu suatu hari, Hodaka bertemu Hina di sudut jalan yang sibuk. Gadis yang cerdas dan berkemauan keras ini memiliki kemampuan yang aneh dan luar biasa: kekuatan untuk menghentikan hujan dan membersihkan langit … Animeindo Streaming Nonton Tenki no Ko Full Episode Sub Indo, Stream Tenki no Ko Subtitle Indo, Nonton Tenki no Ko 480p 720p 360p, Tenki no Ko Mp4 Sub Indo, Tenki no Ko MKV Sub Indo, Tenki no Ko Streaming online Subtitle Indonesia, Nonton Tenki no Ko Sub Indo, Streaming Tenki no Ko Sub Indo, Streaming Download Tenki no Ko Episode 1 Sub Indo, Stream full episode Tenki no Ko Bluray Subtitle Indonesia, Download Tenki no Ko BD Subtitle Indonesia, Download Tenki no Ko Batch Subtitle Indonesia, Streaming Tenki no Ko Subtitle Indonesia, Streaming Tenki no Ko Subtitle Indonesia Anoboy, Streaming Tenki no Ko Subtitle Indonesia Samehadaku, Streaming Tenki no Ko Subtitle Indonesia Animeindo, Streaming Tenki no Ko Subtitle Indonesia nontonanime, Streaming Tenki no Ko Subtitle Indonesia nanime, Streaming Tenki no Ko Subtitle Indonesia riie, Streaming Tenki no Ko Subtitle Indonesia neonime, Nonton Tenki no Ko Full Episode Sub Indo, Download Batch Indo, Streaming 480p 720p 360p, Mp4 Sub Indo, Tenki no Ko MKV Sub Indo, Tenki no Ko Full episode Subtitle Indonesia, Nonton Tenki no Ko Sub Indo, Streaming Tenki no Ko Sub Indo, Tenki no Ko Episode 1, Download Bluray Subtitle Indonesia, Download BD Subtitle Indonesia, Download Tenki no Ko Batch Subtitle Indonesia, Streaming Subtitle Indonesia, Animeindo,,,, Anime-indo,, Nonton Anime, Nonton Anime Sub Indo.

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Tenki no ko korean. I never wrote about Kimi no Na Wa on here, and have actually written very little at all about Shinkai Makoto across my various internet scribbles. Who knows, maybe I posted about him a few times on the Megatokyo Forums, but I do not recommend digging through those archives. Anyway, I have been following Shinkai from the beginning. I checked out Hoshi no Koe when it first dropped, and went back to check out shorts like She and Her Cat and Other Worlds. The dude has been on my radar for a while, and I even got the chance to meet him at Otakon 2011. Shinkai has had lots of ups and down, but when he’s on, he’s on. While works I watched on early-2000s era fansubs such as Kumo no Mukou require another viewing to pass judgment on, I am the most fond of Byosoku 5cm and Kotonoha no Niwa. Meanwhile, his weird Ghibli-rip-off doesn’t live long in the memory. Kimi no Na Wa was a huge shakeup in the dude’s repertoire. Not so much in the subject matter, but approach. Obviously some suits with deep pockets caught a glimpse at Shinkai’s past work, and wanted to find a way to make it resonate the most with a mainstream crowd. Shinkai’s work possesses that sappy nastukashii quality that Japanese audiences these days love. Issue is, stuff like Hoshi no Koe and Byosoku 5cm are big downers with thick mellow-drama, and–let’s face it– Kotonoha no Niwa is a little creepy for the regular viewer. Kimi no Na Wa took this key emotional underpinning of his earlier works, and injected it with pop sensibilities in the form of Tanaka Masayoshi character designs ( Anohana) and music by safe-enough-to-listen-to-with-your-mother rockers, RADWIMPS. It also moved at a fast clip, careful to keep the young target audience engaged. The film was a success, screening for nearly a full year in theaters nationwide. I saw it about a month after its release, and the theater was still a full house. It goes without saying that this success paved the way to an easy green-light for his next film, Tenki no Ko. Thanks to the success of Kimi no Na Wa, Tenki no Ko breaks free somewhat from the production-committee-confines of the previous work, delivering something slightly more in line with previous Shinkai works. Sure, it still has the Tanaka Masayoshi designs, and RADWIMPS is still on music detail, except for their role this time around is a bit more subdued. Like all Shinkai films, what sticks out the most visually is the super-detailed world the characters live in–this time around, it’s Tokyo’s famous red-light quarter, Kabukicho. Save for being overrun with demons, this is probably the best animated rendering you will ever see of the mob-infested entertainment/sex district. The film spends a lot of its time in Kabukicho–and at one moment a love hotel–giving the proceedings an engaging layer of grime. And, while not especially original, the script does give the characters harsh realities to contend with. Female lead Amano Hina is forced into a position where she has to live parent-less with her little brother, and at early point in the film she decides to find work at a skeezy Kabukicho establishment with some shady fellows, because it pays more than flipping burgers. Meanwhile, male lead Morishima Hodaka is a runaway living out of a manga cafe and sustaining himself on burgers that Hina flips at the local McDonald’s. Hodaka ultimately finding work at a suspicious independent publisher run out of an old Snack Bar staffed by an old sleazebag and a busty college student (who may be sleeping with each other? ) is the icing on the cake. For those stranded in some god-forsaken land where this film has not yet screened, to keep the story-summary short, let me just say that this is a story about a girl who can stop rain from falling. I am all fine and good with the supernatural aspects of the film–either that or sci-fi explorations are normal for Shinkai works–but one of my main issues with it is the length. When Shinkai used to make films like these, they typically ran for just over an hour. While I think he was probably granted more freedom for this outing, I imagine one stipulation by big producer- sama was length. The film seems very weirdly paced because its length simply cannot sustain the concept–there just isn’t enough meat. Also, near the climax of the film, you can tell when the producers stepped in to apply their red ink into the script, with comments like “in this scene, the kid knocks the gun out of the cop’s hands. ” I am not asking for realism, but things move forward a bit to smoothly for our hero during the climax, thanks to the efforts of his ~dear friends~. However, the very end of the film forces our hero to make a difficult decision. And it’s a great sucker punch that sends the audience down for the count into a numbing TKO. But, so as not to offend the audience of self-centered youngsters in their mid-teens and early twenties, Shinkai ensures us–“don’t worry, OUR HEROES ARE HAPPY. ” Okay, that’s great. Let’s encourage young people to not take responsibility for their actions. Work style reform, or some shit. I am not trying to come off as some old, bitter man at the elderly age of, uh, 31, but in the moment when the movie could have taught an increasingly selfish and insular generation what it means to bear the consequences of one’s actions, Shinkai tells them, “nah, it’s okay to fuck up… so long as you’re fine. ” I think we need to have a chat the next time we meet, Shinkai. That’s not what the end of 5cm taught me.

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Tenki no kyojin. Tenki no ken. Just got home from seeing this movie with a coworker a few hours ago and about half way through became my favorite movie ever, visuals were amazing and as i do with good movies i watch review to catch some things i didnt while just watching to enjoy it, i honestly didnt think water could loom that good.

I'm a massive fan of this director and all of his precious work (so that's my bias. That being said - this was excellent. Judging based off the trailer, I honestly thought it might be more of a spiritual journey with less focus on direct storytelling and etc. I was partially correct, but there is a vast amount of actual plot to be derived from this, and a lot of very important themes to address. There is love, loss, regret, and most importantly an abundance of patience displayed throughout the movie. No one is perfect, and Shinkai makes sure to highlight this. So very satisfying.
I won't spoil anything - watch it for yourself and decide what you think. I will bet on you enjoying it! The trailer doesn't do it enough justice.

今年のお正月クリスマスは もう終わった』と思うと 悲しくなってくる😂. Tenki no ko torrent. Tenki no ko full. Tenki no ko showtimes. Tenki no ko. Tenki no ko piano. Tenki no ko sub indo. Tenki no ko india. 大丈夫 Daijoubu === Baik-baik Saja === Lirik: Yojiro Noda Komposer: Yojiro Noda Album: Tenki no Ko Track: #30 世界が君の小さな肩に 乗っているのが Sekai ga kimi no chiisana kata ni notteiru no ga Kau menanggung beban dunia di pundak kecilmu 僕にだけは見えて 泣き出しそうでいると Boku ni dake wa miete nakidashisou de iru to Hanya dengan melihatnya saja membuatku ingin menangis 「大丈夫?」ってさぁ 君が気付いてさ 聞くから “Daijoubu? ” tte saa kimi ga kidzuitesa kiku kara Kau yang menyadarinya bertanya “kau baik-baik saja? ” 「大丈夫だよ」って 僕は慌てて言うけど “Daijoubu da yo” tte boku wa awatete iu kedo Dan buru-buru aku berkata “aku baik-baik saja” なんでそんなことを 言うんだよ Nande sonna koto wo iu nda yo Kenapa kau menanyakan itu 崩れそうなのは 君なのに Kuzuresou nano wa kimi nano ni Padahal kau yang seakan-akan hampir ambruk 世界が君の小さな肩に 乗っているのが Sekai ga kimi no chiisana kata ni notteiru no ga Kau menanggung beban dunia di pundak kecilmu 僕にだけは見えて 泣き出しそうでいると Boku ni dake wa miete nakidashisou de iru to Hanya dengan melihatnya saja membuatku ingin menangis 「大丈夫?」ってさぁ 君が気付いてさ 聞くから “Daijoubu? ” tte saa kimi ga kidzuitesa kiku kara Kau yang menyadarinya bertanya “kau baik-baik saja? ” 「大丈夫だよ」って 僕は慌てて言うけど “Daijoubu da yo” tte boku wa awatete iu kedo Dan buru-buru aku berkata “aku baik-baik saja” なんでそんなことを 言うんだよ Nande sonna koto wo iu nda yo Kenapa kau menanyakan itu 崩れそうなのは 君なのに Kuzuresou nano wa kimi nano ni Padahal kau yang seakan-akan hampir ambruk 取るに足らない 小さな僕の 有り余る今の 大きな夢は Toru ni taranai chiisana boku no ariamaru ima no ooki na yume wa Mimpi besar bagiku yang kecil dan tak berharga ini sekarang ialah 君の「大丈夫」になりたい 「大丈夫」になりたい Kimi no ‘daijoubu’ ni naritai ‘daijoubu’ ni naritai Ingin menjadi ‘baik-baik’ ingin menjadi ‘baik-baik’ mu 君を大丈夫にしたいんじゃない Kimi wo daijobu ni shitain janai Aku bukan ingin membuatmu baik-baik saja 君にとっての 「大丈夫」になりたい Kimi ni totte no ‘daijoubu’ ni naritai Tapi aku ingin menjadi ‘baik-baik’ bagimu Indo translate by Ichi.... Bagi teman-teman yang mau share dan copy paste saya persilakan dengan senang hati tapi jangan lupa sertakan link alamat di mana anda mendapatkannya, yaitu Saling berbagi dan bisa menghargai itu indah! === Tinggalkan jejakmu berupa komentar ya teman-teman 😄 Klo kalian suka artikel ini, atau terdapat kesalahan pada artikel ini, atau apapun deh sebagai bukti kunjungan kalian telah membaca artikel ini 😉 === Terima kasih! (^-^)/.

Clannad and clannad after story... T_T Nothing will ever beat those feels

Tenki no ko google drive. Tenki no ko online. The world without you is just like august without summer The world without you is just like santa that doesnt laugh Its nothing, Its nothing afterall I'll go to you now thats why this movie is perfect. I want to somehow I can't. I don't know what this movie and this music are doing with me but I feel like I have to change something in my life. I just don't know what it is. Tenki no ko poster. I need to know, is there still anything that love can do? Born with nothing in my hands. Tenki no soporta. Tenki no ko streaming. Tenki no ko soundtrack.

When she say Would you like this rain to stop? i feel that Btw this movie is accurate because my place always rain, everyday. Tenki no ko daijoubu. Tenki no ko movie. Makoto Shinkai is a god of romance and sad LOVE HIM SO MUCH FOR WHAT HE DID. Tenki no ko trailer. Tenki no ko مترجم. Tenki no ko us release. Tenki no ko song. Tenki no ko.

I felt like Weathering with yous story didnt round out as nice or as satisfying as Your Name did personally.

Tenki no.

Me: watching a anime trailer since I have nothing to do People: spoils the movie Me: B r u h

Tenki no ko grand escape. Tenki no ko full movie vietsub. Tenki no comments. Lemme fill in this missing lyric part in the video. 2:12 100% SUNNY. Tenki no ko catalogue. Weathering with You (Japanese Title: Tenki no Ko, literally Child of the Weather), is Makoto Shinkai’s 12th film. I loved Kimi No Na Wa, and was lucky to catch in in the cinema – I watched it without any expectations, and only finding out later on that it was from the same guy who made 5 Centimeters per Second, and Garden of Words – both I also really enjoyed and watched several times! Here goes the trailer – I like that it begins with a quick run through of Shinkai-san’s previous movies before getting into Weathering with You. The story looks promising, and as always, the visuals are better than reality. Oh my goodness, I can’t wait for this movie to come out in the cinema! I really wish they screen this here in the Philippines (please SM Cinema! ). What do you think of the trailer? Are you a fan of Makoto Shinkai’s works? Let me know in the comments below!

Tenki no ko dvd. 1st and 2nd song reminds me of blue. Every indian weeb is happy today. Tenki no ko op. Tenki no ko wallpaper. I keep on coming here for some reason, i'm in love with it. if i was there in the crowd, i'd be in tears of how beautiful this is. Tenki no ko weathering with you. Tenki no ko we'll be alright. When I finished this movie I literally felt emptiness its sooooo good nothing will top this my favourite anime. Tenki no ko characters. Yall I highly recommend silent voice, your name and I want to eat your pancreas. Seen the movie 3 times in theater since the release in my country(15 january. My friends didn't went with me so i had no one to talk about it. Watching this video and the commentary right now is such a relief.

For me Rui's back story was one of the saddest among all the demons in the whole Demon Slayer series, he once said 'Now I can meet my parents, But I've killed a lot of people so I think we can't go to the same place' But then his parents came out and his father said 'If you are going to hell then Let's go' and his parents hug him that scene was just emotional. His mother also said. Sorry that I didn't give you a strong healthy body' while crying. Tenki no go. I cried so much at the end. I thought he wouldn't find her at all. Who honestly cried during the movie.

思いがけず 光るのは.

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